Vidya Balan’s stylist calls her ‘half-naked’

Actor Vidya Balan’s own stylist has created a furore by claiming that the actor is ‘half naked’ in her upcoming film. According to sources, Vidya herself is upset over the comments made by Natasha Khan who styled her in the film.

The comments were made on a reality show where a fan is allowed to live the life of their favourite star for a day and interact with his or her best friends. Vidya’s biggest fan Aman, had the chance to meet her stylist Natasha. The duo got along like a house on fire.

Natasha also spilled the beans on Vidya’s look in the movie in the process. Aman asked her if Vidya would gorge on her favourite parathas during the shoot of the film, to which came the reply, “Vidya is half- naked in the movie.

She wasn’t allowed to eat all that!” Natasha also said, “The film is a very sleazy and sexual and to get the feel of the movie, the crew would crack dirty jokes amongst themselves!”

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